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PCI video processing blade supports 32 channels


Jerusalem, Israel – Mango DSP has announced its Condor family of products, starting with the Condor PCI-e. The Condor PCI-e blade is a single PCI slot solution capable of high density encoding or decoding. Up to 32 channels are supported using H.264, MPEG-4 or MJPEG video compression. Condor also provides additional horsepower for video analytics, transcoding and other demanding applications.

The Condor can receive an analog video signal, encode and stream it, either through the PCI bus or through the onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports. Video Analytics can be employed on IP video from 3rd party encoders and IP cameras. The Condor technology also enables cross channel data manipulation and the addition of multiple boards to increase the number of input channels processed on a single PC. The Condor can be used as a secondary processing unit through its Ethernet ports or as a pre-processing blade for the host PC through the PCI bus.

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