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PCI/X-to-VMEbus bridge operates in industrial temperature range


The Tsi148 PCI/X-to-VMEbus bridge is aimed at applications with challenging thermal environments, such as military and communications, to perform system qualification at high ambient temperatures, up to +85°C. The part maximizes PCI/X transactions for VME applications by providing an increase in overall processing capability on legacy backplanes, while transparently enabling the high-performance distributed processing that new applications demand. The device has a number of features that optimize bus utilization and overall board performance. Features include a sustained transfer rate of 305 Mbytes/s in 2eSST; a multithreading capability; and the ability to support two loads at 133 MHz. For volumes in excess of 1000 parts per year, the Tsi148-133IL is priced at $300. For more information, visit www.tundra.com.

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