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PCIe chip provides high-performance connectivity on AMD graphics card

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Designed for demanding graphics applications, PLX Technology Inc. has launched the ExpressLane PEX 8647, a 48-lane, three-port, PCI Express Gen 2 (5.0 GT/s)-compliant switch featuring large packet memory, low power management and cut-thru architecture for low latency.

The PEX 8647, with three x16 ports to allow for the optimal configuration of graphics applications, also offers PLX's Dual Cast, which provides simultaneous copying of data from one ingress port to two egress ports, as well as a special software/hardware development kit that enables system designers to fine-tune and perform system diagnostics, accelerating the engineering design process.

As part of the product's launch, the company also announced that its PEX 8647 PCIe Gen 2 switch has been chosen to provide high-performance, peer-to-peer fan-out operation on the ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2 Dual-GPU graphics card from AMD.

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Pricing: $45 in volume.
Availability: Volume quantities.
Datasheet: PEX 8647.

PLX Technology Inc., www.plxtech.com

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