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PCIe Fast Ethernet controller housed in 7 x 7-mm package

Santa Clara, Calif.—Marvell Technology Group announced the Marvell Yukon FE+ 88E8040 controller for mobile and desktop PCs.

According to Marvell, the Yukon FE+ 88E8040 features the industry's smallest controller package size, with a level of integration that enables a highly compact PC design while reducing system-level costs.

The 88E8040 is part of Marvell's Yukon family of pin-compatible Fast Ethernet (FE) and Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) controllers for PCs. The Yukon family's pin-compatibility and use of a single driver across all Yukon GbE and FE controllers provides PC vendors with the flexibility to leverage a single motherboard design across a broad range of consumer and enterprise platforms. T

The 88E8040 is available in the pin-compatible 64-pin QFN package, and the smaller footprint 7 x 7mm 48-pin package—smallest in the industry for a PCI Express Ethernet controller, according to Marvell. The 88E8040 eliminates the need for external passives, voltage regulators, and an external EEPROM by integrating these on the controller, thus reducing manufacturing and bill-of-material (BOM) costs by more than 20% while shrinking the space needed to implement LAN-on-motherboard (LOM).

The 88E8040 packs advanced functions for highly optimized, smart power-down modes to extend battery time in mobile PCs and to enable the most energy-efficient EnergyStar compliance. The 88E8040 also supports IPv6 and IPv4 checksum offloads and Receive Side Scaling (RSS), enabling high network throughput and a better user experience in a variety of residential and enterprise PC applications and networks.

The Marvell Yukon FE+ 88E8040 is currently sampling with tier-one customers.

Marvell Technology Group, 1-408-222-2500, www.marvell.com

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