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PCIe protocol analyzer adds active state power management testing


Santa Clara, Calif.—Agilent Technologies Inc. has added an extended interface module for Active State Power Management (ASPM) testing to its E2960B Series for PCI Express (PCIe) protocol test.

This module provides lock of 11 Fast Training Sequences, which Agilent says is the fastest lock time on the market.

Agilent's extended interface module is designed to simplify the testing of ASPM, a key strategy used in the industry to reduce power consumption in electronic devices, including mobile devices and data-center systems such as servers, storage and networking equipment. This trend will drive more stringent design and test requirements in device manufacturing for ASPM.

The extended interface module is optional, allowing a manufacturer to purchase it when ASPM testing becomes important to its business. The extended interface module fits into the same frame as the protocol analyzer module and supports all existing Agilent PCIe 2.0 probes, including mid-bus 2.0, Slot Interposer and flying lead probe 2.0.

Pricing: $36,000.
Availability: Now.
More information: www.agilent.com/find/pcie2.

Agilent Technologies, www.agilent.com

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