Peer-to-peer video sharing hits mobile handsets -

Peer-to-peer video sharing hits mobile handsets


Openera Technologies has developed a peer-to-peer video sharing application with integrated rich presence. The product lets mobile-phone users talk with and view fellow callers simultaneously. Peer-to-Peer Video Sharing (PPVS) is the latest addition to the company's suite of IMS mobile client applications, which Lucent is delivering as part of its end-to-end IMS offering.

The PPVS application is an SIP-based multimedia service that allows IMS and 3G subscribers to launch a synchronous real-time audio and video session with fellow callers. This dynamic video sharing is powered by Openera's Active Phone Book, which, integrated with rich presence, which informs users of how and when they can reach and communicate with particular contacts.

The Openera IMS Mobile Client is available today for network equipment and handset vendors designing pre-IMS and IMS mobile solutions for wireless and fixed/mobile operators worldwide. More information is available at

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