Peltier module design eases thermal fatigue -

Peltier module design eases thermal fatigue

Five series of Peltier modules from CUI, the CP20H, CP30H, CP39H, CP60H, and CP85H, feature a low profile and high temperature delta of 77°C. The Peltier devices leverage CUI’s arcTEC structure, which improves reliability, performance, and cycle life and allows them to outperform conventional thermoelectric coolers in demanding applications.

arcTEC combats the effects of thermal fatigue found in thermoelectric modules by using a thermally conductive resin between the electrical interconnect and ceramic on the cold side of the module, high-temperature solder, and larger P/N elements made from silicon ingot. The elasticity of arcTEC’s resin layer allows for thermal expansion and contraction during the repeated heating and cooling of normal operation, reducing stress on elements. High-temperature solder and larger silicon elements enable faster and more uniform cooling.

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