Pentek's new multiband, modular RF downconverters use less power -

Pentek’s new multiband, modular RF downconverters use less power

Pentek has launched a new line of multiband, modular RF slot receivers: the Model 8111 series accepts RF signals over the range of 800 MHz to 3 GHz, downconverting them to a 225 MHz IF signal suitable for A/D conversion by any of several Pentek signal acquisition modules.

The new software radio receivers capture the RF signal right from the antenna and deliver the IF output straight into Pentek A/D boards offering a lower-power solution that is smaller, lighter and less expensive, about one fifth the cost of a wide range receiver.

Each tuner is provisioned with one of seven different 400 MHz bandwidth preselector filters covering the RF input range from 800 MHz to 3 GHz. The preselect filters overlap slightly to ensure that there are no gaps in RF spectrum coverage. The Model 8111 modules are designed to be used as stand-alone or integrated on carrier modules in a 3U VPX size or larger.

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