Perry praises Plexus as Scotland looks to move up value chain -

Perry praises Plexus as Scotland looks to move up value chain


LIVINGSON, Scotland — Jack Perry (above), the chief executive of Scottish Enterprise, has opened an expanded design center for electronics manufacturing services specialist Plexus.

Plexus has doubled the size of its design center which opened in July 2002 at the Alba Campus. It started with five engineers and now houses 12 designers and the company hopes to increase this to 31 in the next two years. Plexus has a manufacturing facility in Kelso which employs around 340 staff.

“This expansion to establish to Plexus' European gateway headquarters and increase your design capabilities is a valuable addition to the Scottish electronics design community,” said Perry. “Your announcement is extremely gratifying to us at Scottish Enterprise by providing living proof that the Scottish electronics industry, and our economy as a whole, can move up the value chain and attract highly skilled and knowledge intensive projects to Scotland. This is absolutely in line with our strategy as an economic development agency.”

“I do at times get heartily sick of listening to commentators who casually state that the Scottish electronics industry is dead or dying. What absolute rubbish. It is true that Scotland, in common with every advanced Western economy, has seen a dramatic decline in volume commodity manufacturing. It has been a very painful transition, however the electronics sector continues to be a vital importance to us in Scotland.”

Perry said that Plexus had received a variety of assistance from Scottish Enterprise and its related organizations. “It has been through our global companies development program – which it has said has helped it develop its markets in Europe – and we have offered assistance as it moves in to higher value activities.”

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