Philips fills breach caused by Southampton fire -

Philips fills breach caused by Southampton fire


LONDON — Innos has signed a partnership with Philips which provides Innos engineers with access to the Philips Microsystems Plaza (MiPlaza) R&D cleanroom facilities and services, at the high tech campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The move follows the major fire at the University of Southampton on 30 October 2005 which affected its ability to complete processing and production.

Sep Bastiaens, Philips Research Device Technology and Services Division Manager, said, “It is the aim of MiPlaza to provide shared use of research facilities and services for innovation leaders in the domains of Microsystems, nanotechnologies, bio and life sciences. As the UK’s leading R&D company in this field, Innos is a perfect fit and they are warmly welcomed to the facility.”

Innos engineers have full access to the equipment and facilities housed within the 2650sq m cleanroom and an initial batch of processing has been successfully completed by Innos engineers at the MiPlaza and has been shipped to the client.

Andrew Monk, CEO of Innos, said, “Our head office remains in Southampton, where we are committed to delivering the R&D expertise that UK design houses need. As ever our clients both academic and commercial will benefit from the expertise of the Innos team, with the processing and production being completed by Innos engineers in the MiPlaza clean-room.”

“Innos will continue to work closely with the University of Southampton to deliver on its commitment to rebuild its state-of-the-art cleanroom.”

The MiPlaza cleanroom was opened in June 2004 and includes a multi-purpose, multi-technology class 100-10,000 industrial research facility. It has a broad range of process equipment capable of handling substrates of any shape, in sizes up to 200mm.

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