Philips selects eCosPro Nexperia solutions -

Philips selects eCosPro Nexperia solutions


LONDON — Philips has selected eCosPro as the real-time operating system for its next generation Nexperia PNX83xx semiconductor solutions. Reference platforms will be distributed with an eCosPro starter kit allowing end-users to evaluate eCos and begin building applications based upon it.

eCosPro is supplied by eCosCentric Ltd, (CAmbridge, England) who a member of Philips Nexperia Home Partner Program for Independent Software Vendors. The eCosPro Starter Kit is a commercial grade distribution of the eCos RTOS for deeply embedded systems, including a GNU-based compiler/debugger toolchain, graphical eCos Configuration tool and certified RedBoot binaries.

“Philips selection of eCosPro endorses its robustness and suitability for deployment in the current generation of market leading, high-volume and cost sensitive Nexperia PNX831x based set-top boxes” said Daniel Morris, Sales & Marketing Director at eCosCentric. “At the same time, this decision liberates Philips from the technical and licensing restrictions of their legacy proprietary RTOS for future Nexperia PNX83xx designs”.

“We are happy to work with eCosCentric that offers us the right performance level and a full development environment that our customers can use on all our system solutions”, said Ronald Struik, Partner Program Manager for the Philips Semiconductors business line Set-Top-Box & Home Media devices.

eCosCentric also offers a direct upgrade to the full eCosPro Developer's Kit complementing the Starter Kit contents with commercial support & advice, graphical IDE & debugger based on Eclipse, profiling, code coverage and memory allocation debugging tools, and C++ runtime (including Standard Template Library). Third party components certified with eCosPro include a Java Virtual Machine, Graphical User Interfaces, CANOpen and USB 2.0 compliant Host, Device & OTG stacks.

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