Photonics expert joins telecomms research institute -

Photonics expert joins telecomms research institute

LONDON — Professor Nick Doran has joined the new Institute for Advanced Telecommunications (IAT) at Swansea University. He was formerly the CTO and founder of Marconi-Solstis, which developed and installed the world’s longest land-based ultra high capacity optical communications system in 2003.

The IAT is to receive £30million in investment and is a collaboration between the Welsh Assembly Government, Swansea University and several multinational telecommunications companies

He was professor of Photonics at Aston University from 1991 to 2000) co-founding the Photonics Research group there and, prior to that, was the leader of the Ultrafast Communications group at BT laboratories Martlesham Heath.

Professor Doran is well known for his pioneering work in optical solitons and has published more than 150 papers on the subject. He developed the concept of dispersion managed solitons, which is now a widely deployed technology in high speed optical systems. This is the technology he took from the research laboratory to a commercial product with Marconi Solstis, where he led the team of photonics engineers responsible for this development.

His research interests include all aspects of optical fibre nonlinearity and he is the inventor of the Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror, which is the most widely employed ultrafast nonlinear optical device and is used in many pioneering research experiments worldwide.

Professor Doran’s research is now on all-optical networks for the 21st century, which is anticipated to open up the communications networks of the future to yet greater speed and capacity. His research will focus on advanced techniques for ultra high capacity optical transmission and experimenting with new types of optical networks. The research will use new techniques for improving optical signals and for processing the data in the optical domain.

Professor Doran said: “This is an excellent time in my research area, Photonics, where the almost insatiable demand for increased communications bandwidth is pushing the researcher to invent new concepts and exploit to the full the promise of optical technology.”

Professor Elmirghani, Head of IAT, said,”It is a mark of how prestigious IAT is that it is attracting staff of this calibre and I am greatly looking forward to working with Professor Doran in taking forward the exciting projects we have planned in the field of Photonics Research.”

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