Phytec and iSYSTEM partner to ease evaluation -

Phytec and iSYSTEM partner to ease evaluation


Munich, Germany — In an effort to reduce the costs down for evaluating new hardware platforms, Phytec is partnering with iSYSTEM to provide rapid development kits with the iSYSTEM development tools.

Each kit contains an SBC module mounted on a development board with the hardware needed for immediate power-up of the module; including DB-9 nodes (configurable as RS-232 and/or RS-485/CAN interfaces), power connectors and a wire wrap area to ease integration of user-designed peripheral hardware/circuitry. From now on the iPDP Starter Kit from iSYSTEM is included.

The iPDP Starter Kit includes iSYSTEM's winIDEA (a Windows based development and debug environment), a full GNU C/C++ compiler and a JTAG-LPT interface. A quick start manual and a working sample project ensures a fast debug start.

The iPDP is limited to a loaded code size of 32KB and a winIDEA license which is valid for one year. The JTAG-LPT interface is directly connected to the JTAG connector of the phyCORE microcontroller module. This ensures compatibility with production hardware and there is an upgrade to the unlimited version and use of winIDEA.

The combination of the development kit and iPDP is available for phyCORE-MPC565 (Motorola PowerPC MPC565) and phyCORE-AT91M55800A (Atmel AT91M55800A/ ARM7TDMI). A combination for phyCORE-PXA255 (Intel XScale PXA255) will be available soon.

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