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PIC experts expand to bigger things


London, UK — Bluebird Electronics, a developer of Microchip PICmicro-based products, is changing its name to Elgar Electronics, becoming a limited company and moving to bigger premises in the Wiltshire market town of Devizes.

Nigel and June Gardner started Bluebird Electronics over 10 years ago, when the PICmicro was in its early days and there was only one type of development tool available. Since their first project in 1992 — designing the PICmicro into testing lamp dimmers on a production line — Bluebird Electronics has designed the PICmicro into control, LCD, graphics, data communications, GSM, GPS, Bluetooth and Internet-based products.

Gardner said, “We've helped a lot of engineers over the years with components like development boards, and there's only so many of those you can do. Our experience has led us into larger systems as well as new technologies all of which require larger and more expensive development tools. Becoming a limited company, and moving into bigger premises, is all part of that growth. We are also going for ISO9000 this year.”

Bluebird Electronics believes it was the first to run PICmicro Workshops, and over the years its books and kits have sold worldwide.

Gardner wrote the first book on the PICmicro, followed by 'PIC C – an introduction to C on the PICmicro', and co-authored two 'PIC Cookbooks'. While Elgar Electronics will continue to support and develop PICmicro Gardner said, “Our core PICmicro-based products have a proven track record of popularity and success and we now want to make them more accessible to others.”

Elgar Electronics will be looking at new technologies to meet customer demand, such as radio-based products. The company has also started to produce products in other specialised areas for both military and emergency services, and developing products such as electroluminescent dive and way-guidance lines, and communications and video surveillance systems.

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