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PIC32 gets Unison open source RTOS


Nuremberg, Germany – RoweBots Research Inc.has launched Unison Version 4 for the 32 bit PIC32 micro-controller (MCU) family from Microchip Technology.

Unison is equivalent to a tiny embedded Linux RTOS which provides complete indemnification. Unison provides a very small open source POSIX RTOS which aims at increasing System on Chip (SoC) embedded development productivity and reliability.

The UnisonVersion 4 completes the line of offerings for all Microchips processors from Microchip's PIC24 16 bit MCUs through the dsPIC 30/33 DSCs to the PIC32 MCUs. Unison and DSPnano offer identical features and seamless support with including:

  • integrated SoC DSP RTOS with full POSIX capabilities and a tiny foot print to minimize training time and processor size,
  • DSP libraries with 150 functions for off the shelf tried and proven processing,
  • complete I/O minimizing development and integration,
  • Free development,
  • seamless integration with Microchip's MPLAB IDE for C instruction level simulation, compiling and debugging,
  • and seamless migration between products without code changes.

Unison V4 is hosted on Windows XP and Vista, for x86 platforms, and will begin shipping immediately. Open source royalty free licenses start at $2995 US. For more information visit www.rowebots.com .

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