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Pickering joins LXI consortium


LONDON — Pickering Interfaces has joined the LXI Consortium, a not for profit organisation establishing a new LAN based instrument standard. The Clacton based company will be supporting the definition and the development of the LXI (LAN Extensions for Instrumentation) standard.

The LXI Consortium was established by Agilent Technologies and VXI Technology and held its inaugural open membership meeting on November 17-18, 2004 in Salt Lake City. LXI is t based on industry standard Ethernet technology and provides modularity, flexibility and performance to small- and medium-sized systems. Its compact, flexible package, high-speed I/O and measurements are designed to meet the needs of R&D and manufacturing engineers providing electronics for the aerospace/defense, automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer electronics markets.

David Owen of Pickering Interfaces, said, “The development of a LAN based interface is complimentary to our PXI business and it is a logical evolution for our established GPIB and RS232 modular interfaces to migrate towards a common high speed serial interface. We expect PXI systems and LXI based instruments will coexist in many test systems, serving the functions that each is best suited to.”

As well as the founding members Keithley Instruments and Aeroflex have also joined the consortium.

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