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PICMG adopt version 3.0


The Executive membership of the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG) has voted to adopt Revision 1.0 of PICMG 3.0, the base specification for the AdvancedTCA family of specifications.

The 3.0 specification includes detailed sections on power and cooling, comprehensive system management and electronic keying, as well as an outline of regulatory requirements. Subsidiary AdvancedTCA specifications that detail specific switch fabric implementations, including Ethernet, InfiniBand, StarFabric, and PCI Express architecture, are expected to be released throughout 2003.

The entire specification development process for 3.0 has taken PICMG just over 13 months with contributions from over 100 companies. It is the largest project yet undertaken within PICMG.

The AdvancedTCA family of specifications aims to enable a set of common platforms with a large selection of interchangeable modules from many companies, to meet the needs of the telecommunications industry for years to come.

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