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PICMIG subcommittee seeks conduction cooled MicroTCA spec


LONDON — PICMG has formed a technical subcommittee for MicroTCA to create a conduction cooled module specification appropriate for ruggedized applications with higher level of shock and vibration to meet ANSI/VITA 47.

The products will be used in application areas such as transport, outdoor telecom, rotating machines with no fans, military airborne, shipboard and ground mobile equipment.

The technical subcommittee is looking to identify and document the physical, environmental, and various other issues related to the use of the existing MicroTCA specification with the intent of extending the application of existing components such as AMCs, connectors, hardware, power supplies, and memory controller hubs as well as requirements such as hot-swap and management.

It will look to define mechanisms to support electrical and fiber rear I/O, two level maintenance, and ESD protection as much as possible while preserving the AMC & MicroTCA form factors.

The subcommittee will develop the necessary specification(s) to address the identified issues while minimizing the number of variations, design impact, limitations, and system cost. The group will create one or more ruggedized base specifications for conduction cooled ruggedized AMC & MicroTCA modules, and MicroTCA subracks (card cages) and for market-specific sub specifications as required. These specifications may define modified forms of AMC and MicroTCA modules, and MicroTCA subracks.

The group hopes to compete the specification by then end of June 2009.

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