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Pico Technology : USBscopes sample at 5 Gsamples per second

The PicoScope 6000 Series oscilloscopes are claimed to be the first USBscopes to offer a 5 GS/s real-time sampling rate. This is accompanied by an impressive 350-MHz bandwidth on all four channels. The scopes also have a huge 1gigasample memory buffer.

Other scope functions include a built-in function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, mask limit testing, switchable bandwidth limiting on each channel, and switchable 1-megohm and 50-ohm inputs. This is in addition to the spectrum analysis, advanced triggering and serial decoding that are standard features of PicoUSBoscilloscopes. 

The scopes connect to any Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer with aUSB2.0 interface. The high sampling rates and bandwidths make these scopes well suited for analog and digital circuit designers, test engineers and installers. For users who want to write their own application to control the scope, Pico provides a software development kit, including example code, free of charge.

Like all Pico Technology’s PC Oscilloscopes, the PicoScope 6000 Series makes the most efficient possible use of your money. “You buy only the specialised oscilloscope hardware, while your own PC looks after the standard functions such as display, disk storage and networking”, explained Managing Director Alan Tong. “All of the scope’s features are included in the initial price, so there are no expensive upgrades or optional extra modules. You only need to decide whether to buy the scope on its own or with four 500 MHz compensated x10 probes.”

The PicoScope 6000 Series oscilloscopes are on sale now, priced at only £3,000 for the 32-megasample model and £4,000 for the 1-gigasample model. The kits with probes are priced at £3,500 and £4,500 respectively. These prices include a generous 5year parts and labour warranty. 

Order from your local distributor or visit www.picotech.com.

About Pico Technology

Established in 1991, Pico Technology is a worldwide leader in the design, development and manufacture of high-performance PC Oscilloscopes and Data Loggers. Since then, Pico has built up an impressive portfolio of products; including the PicoScope 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000 and 9000 Series and the brand-new 6000 Series PC Oscilloscopes, theADC-20 andADC-24 High-Resolution Data Loggers and the multi-award-winning Automotive Oscilloscope Kit.

Pico Technology prides itself on offering innovative, high-quality and affordable alternatives to traditional bench-top test and measurement equipment, designed and built under the ISO9001:2008 quality system. Pico Technology supports a network of distributors in over 60 countries worldwide who are helping to build and maintain its enviable reputation in the industry. 

More information on Pico Technology can be found at www.picotech.com.

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