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PicoChip and Wintegra cooperate on 802.16e reference design


LONDON — PicoChip and Wintegra are working on a joint development of reference design for a new generation of WiMAX basestations. These designs, based on standard components already on the market, provide a framework from which equipment manufacturers can be used in a range of802.16e compliant basestation products.

The solutions combine picoChip's picoArray family of massively parallel digital signal processors (DSPs) and software for the WiMAX PHY with Wintegra's WinMax processor and software for a complete MAC solution.

The joint reference designs are designed to provide flexibility for both radio (air) interface access cards and network interface transport cards, with scalability to cover pico, micro and macro basestation architectures.

The joint design is software defined with both companies offer fully tested software and vendor-independent APIs that permit integration of MAC, PHY and RF components, as well as additional system software.

The initial release of the joint reference design is targeted for completion in late 2005, with prototypes using the software-compatible WinPath-1 silicon and the PC102 being made available to customers in 1Q06. General sampling of the WinMax device is scheduled for Spring 2006.

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