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PicoChip samples SSoC for 3G infrastructure

PicoChip Designs has sampled its first device, the PC101, which — the company claims — delivers a computational power of 30Giga-MACs per second, twenty times more than traditional devices despite needing only a fraction of the clock rate (160MHz). Shipped with a toolchain and a UMTS systems library, the PC101 SSoC enables in-the-field flexibility in the form of a reprogrammable basestation.

The PC101 has a heterogeneous array of 430 16-bit processors on a single die interconnected by a fast deterministic fabric, delivering 200Giga-instructions per second.

CEO, Dr. Rodger Sykes, said,” We've implemented redundancy that provides very good yield despite the PC101's massive processing power.”

Click the following link for a PDF version of an article about the PicoTurbo technology: Baseband technology boost for 3G

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