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PicoZed SOM combines RF transceiver, ARM/FPGA SoC


Avnet’s PicoZed SDR system-on-module combines Analog Devices' AD9361 RF agile transceiver with a Xilinx Zynq-7035 all-programmable SoC.

This low-power, small-footprint SOM allows engineers to start application-level development immediately with the same system-on-module that will be used in production SDR equipment.

The fully verified software-defined radio module integrates the critical RF signal path and high-speed programmable logic to form the RF-to-baseband signal-processing core of a wireless communication system. It provides frequency-agile wideband 2×2 receive and transmit paths in the 70-MHz to 6.0-GHz range, making it suitable for both fixed and mobile SDR applications. The module is just 100×100 mm and consumes less than 5 W typical.

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