Pixus: 5-slot OpenVPX rackmount chassis features conduction-cooled card guides

Pixus Technologies has released a new OpenVPX chassis platform.  The RiCool chassis is loaded with conduction-cooled card guides to allow testing and development of rugged 3U OpenVPX boards.  The Pixus solution allows a mix-and-match configuration of air-cooled and conduction-cooled modules.

The new RiCool chassis platform features a 5-slot OpenVPX backplane to the BKP3-DIS05-15.2.13 profile.  The chassis fits up to 16 front and RTM (rear transition module) slots at a 1.0” pitch.  With the fans directly above the card guides, the chassis provides powerful cooling in a front-to-rear format.  The format also prevents blockage of airflow from the RTM cards.  It is ideal for high-power or high card-count deployed and development applications.  Versions with VITA 66 (optical) or VITA 67 (RF) slot options are also available upon request.

Pixus provides OpenVPX enclosures, backplanes, components, and accessories.  The company also offers solutions for 6U OpenVPX boards and designs in the MicroTCA, AdvancedTCA, and CompactPCI Serial architectures.

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