Pixus: new thick and rugged faceplates for embedded boards

Pixus Technologies has released new OpenVPX faceplates for rugged applications. The new 6U OpenVPX panels feature an extra thick extrusion, providing both rigidity and the ability to attach helicoils on the faceplate.   There is also a PCB holder bar that extends along the inside of the 0.8” wide panel.  This bar acts as a stiffener for the panel and provides a more secure interface for attaching the PCBs.   EMC gaskets and the Pixus Type IVs ejector handles with its rugged metal engagement claw are optional.  Versions in a 3U height or 1.0” width are available upon request.

 Pixus offers silkscreen and custom cutout services for its faceplates.  The company also provides filler panels, handles, card guides, rails, PCB protective covers, and many other components in various VITA and PICMG based open standard architectures. 

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