Planning to fail is planning to fail -

Planning to fail is planning to fail


“Failing to plan is planning to fail” is a quote attributed to both Alan Lakein, the writer of several self-help books on time management in the 1970s, and before that to Winston Churchill.

The quote hints of the fortunes of teams who embrace the importance of planning, by countering with an ominous prediction for teams that don’t.

Hardware teams understand the importance of planning, but does the act of project planning guarantee success to the same degree that avoiding project planning guarantees failure? According to 110 engineers surveyed in the spring of 2012, it does not.

From a survey group comprised of embedded software, system integration and ASIC/FPGA engineers, we found that confidence in project planning is tragically low. Not surprisingly, a majority of respondents admitted that recent projects finish behind schedule.

When it comes to hardware project planning, it appears teams plan for failure much more frequently than they plan for success.

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