Platform eases mobile design -

Platform eases mobile design


Melbourn, UK — TTPCom is working with Emblaze Semiconductor to develop a multimedia mobile phone platform which is designed to cut developments costs for cell phone manufacturers.

The collaboration uses Emblaze's ER452x family of multimedia processors and TTPCom's GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G protocol and applications software. Two platforms are in development.

The first platform, to be released next month, is an integrated, multimedia-enhanced mobile phone solution consisting of the ER4521 multimedia co-processor and TTPCom's protocol and application software. It supports digital still camera functions up to VGA resolution, still image viewer at various formats, MP3 audio player, MPEG4 video playback and recording, and MIDI playback for advanced ring-tones and musical notes. In December 2003 an upgraded version of this platform using Emblaze's recently announced ER4525 will be released.

The second platform, scheduled for a March 2004 release, will integrate the ER4525 advanced multimedia application processor with TTPCom's Ajar applications platform. This combination will provide built-in support for live media streaming as well as multimedia MMS, Java and an advanced graphical user interface.

Both platforms will include a software development kit that enables a highdegree of differentiation for handset designers and delivers the bestpossible time-to-market through pre-integration of TTPCom's software and theEmblaze Semiconductor's multimedia processors.

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