Plessey Semi prepares for product introductions -

Plessey Semi prepares for product introductions

Plessey Semiconductors has released details of its first products following its re-launch in Jan 2010 by the management teams from Plus Semi in Swindon and the former X-FAB facility in Plymouth.

Its first products include a range of amplifiers, demodulators, synthesisers and high-speed pre-scalers.

These products have been designed primarily for the defence and space markets, but are also used in the general communications, automotive and industrial control market segments.

The products make use of the bipolar process technologies that were originally developed in Swindon are being transferred to the Plymouth facility. This is being used with the 0.35-micron CMOS process.

“The first Plessey products designed on the bipolar processes are now coming out of the fab with very positive results,” Dr. Paul James, Commercial Director for Plessey Semiconductors. “We are ahead of schedule on the first product releases and expect to have prototypes available in Q3 of this year.

“We are leveraging our extensive in-house semiconductor design experience together with our expertise in process technology development and optimization,” said Dr. Keith Strickland, Technology Director. “These first product releases will lead us to continue to create innovative products for defence, medical, aerospace and aeronautical applications, such as sensors, low and ultra-low power devices, imaging products, and devices for power and battery management. The 0.35 micron CMOS process with its very low dark current is ideal for industrial imaging products.”

Prototypes of a number of products will be available in the third quarter of of 2010 including the PS13000 range of current and voltage feedback high slew rate operational amplifiers, the PS15000 range of high-speed pre-scalers, operating at up to 13GHz, the PS20100 range of emodulators, the PS20500 range of synthesisers, and the 1.4 GHz (PS20614) and 1.6 GHz (PS20616) range of direct digital synthesisers.

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