Plextek's Blighter radar helps BAE Systems get NATO verification -

Plextek’s Blighter radar helps BAE Systems get NATO verification

LONDON — Plextek's Blighter Radar has been used by BAE Systems as part of its Harbour Protection System (HPS) which participated in the recent NATO biennial Harbour Protection Trials 2006 in La Spezia, Italy.

By successfully passing the trials BAE Systems' HPS has achieved NATO verification of its potential to counter the growing threat posed by terrorists in harbour waters.

BAE Systems' HPS is a mobile and flexible surveillance solution and was the only system at the trials to integrate above and below water surveillance capability. At the core of the HPS is a flexible command and control system (Spider) which allows the interchange of sensors to match customers operational requirements. The configuration taken to HPT 06 consisted of Spider which integrated – QinetiQ's Cerberus Swimmer Detection System, Selex SAS Mobile Surveillance Unit with integrated EO/IR cameras and Unattended Ground Sensors and the Plextek Blighter Radar.

Blighter is a low cost portable FMCW e-scan radar system for short range, ground-based border and area protection. It uses an electronic beam-scanning antenna to simultaneously detect moving targets and can detect a single person out to 2km and vehicles from between 3 to 5km without physically having to rotate.

Blighter is portable and remotely deployable using low power technology to operate off batteries or other power sources including solar power. Blighter may be used stand-alone for fixed area protection or observation, or may be linked together with other sensors to provide large-area protection and monitoring. Blighter can also be used to detect moving targets and automatically point a surveillance camera at the target.

Plextek (Cambridge, U.K.) is an independent electronics and communications design company and in 2003 decided to capitalise on its defence electronics experience and internally funded a series of product developments exclusively for the security market – Blighter Security Products.

Blighter is a man-portable, radar systems for 'homeland security' applications including area intrusion monitoring and border surveillance. The radars use electronic beam-scanning to detect a single person from 20m out to 2km and vehicles out to 5km without having to physically rotate.

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