PLS offers optimized dev tools for Infineon's new TC1791, TC1793 and TC1798 AUDO MAX 32-bit MCUs -

PLS offers optimized dev tools for Infineon’s new TC1791, TC1793 and TC1798 AUDO MAX 32-bit MCUs

Programmierbare Logik & Systeme's (PLS) Universal Debug Engine (UDE) 3.0.10, Universal Access Device (UAD2) family, and Universal Emulation Configurator (UEC) now support Infineon’s AUDO MAX TC1791, TC1793 and TC1798 32-bit automotive microcontrollers (MCUs).

These TriCore version 1.6 SoCs, which operate with clock frequencies of up to 300 MHz, are specifically designed for engine and transmission controls in automotive applications and are based on a new 32-bit core that feature a significantly increased Floating Point Unit performance and an Integer Division Unit in hardware. Additional features of the devices, which are equipped with 4 MByte of on-chip flash and up to 288 KByte SRAM, are optimized memory protection, an enhanced branch prediction to increase the processing speed and a wide range of integrated interfaces and peripheral units.

UDE 3.0.10 and UAD2/UAD2+ fully support all internal resources and peripherals of the new automotive microcontrollers. For example, with the UAD2/UAD2+ both the JTAG interface and the innovative Device Access Port (DAP) can be used as communication channels to the target with fewer signal lines at the same transfer speed. Connection of devices to the host PC takes place via USB 2.0. With UAD2+ connection also takes place optionally via IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and 100 Mbit Ethernet.

The PLS software presents numerous possibilities for graphical representation of variables and expressions of them to physical quantities in real-time. Despite a minimal sampling period of 1 ms, the system behavior is minimally affected because the debug interface of the controller together with a UAD2/UAD2+ allows a transparent readout and processing of information while the program is running.

Users are provided with Emulation Devices for development and test purposes. These special devices provide additional trigger logic and trace memory. In addition to simple code and data trace for application optimization with profiling and code coverage, important data such as instructions counter, cache hits and misses, interrupts, stall and idle cycles, etc. can be recorded and analyzed with the UEC.

A limited functionality version of the Universal Debug Engine is included in Infineon’s Free TriCore Entry Tool Chain, which can be downloaded from the Infineon website and is part of all AUDO MAX starter kits.

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