PMU supports next-generation XScale CPU -

PMU supports next-generation XScale CPU


Philips released its latest power-management unit (PMU), the PCF50626, which is designed to meet the relatively high power requirements of portable multimedia applications. The part's been designed to support and add functionality to Intel's newest processor family (codenamed Monahans) based on third-generation XScale. The single-chip PCF50626 has a real-time software controlled mechanism that can reduce power consumption by up to 70% in feature-rich handsets, VoIP phones, mobile gaming and music devices, and wireless PDAs, as well as Philips' Nexperia 7210 cellular system solution for 3G. This mechanism allows the PCF50626 to continuously adjust voltages throughout a handheld device, minimizing power consumption, and extending battery life. The PCF50626 includes a fully integrated high-current charger and a multitude of power supplies. To enable a rich display experience, ambient light circuitry and a touch-screen interface are also integrated. It's also fully software-controllable through an integrated digital interface. Samples are available now, with mass production starting in the third quarter. More information is available at

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