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PoE devices offer 90 W power sourcing


Silicon Labs has introduced a complete power over Ethernet (PoE) portfolio that reduces the cost and complexity of adding 90-W PoE to power-sourcing equipment (PSE) and powered devices (PDs). The 90-W PoE portfolio meets the IEEE 802.3bt standard, expanding the capabilities of wireless access points and IoT wireless gateways and enabling PoE-powered 5G small cells and digital buildings, said the company.

The PoE portfolio spans from 15 W to 90 W and offers several options for PSE and PD applications. The portfolio includes three new 802.3bt-compliant devices — the Si3471 PSE controller, Si3474 quad Ethernet port PSE controller, and Si34071 single-chip PD solution.

Typical application circuit using the SiLabs Si34071 in an 802.3bt-compliant design. (Source: Silicon Labs)

Claimed as the industry’s first fully autonomous, 90-W single-port 802.3bt-compliant power-sourcing solution, the Si3471 PSE controller makes it easy to add 90-W power to single-port midspans or “injectors.” The device does not require external host MCUs, firmware downloads, or software programming, said Silicon Labs, and it is simple to configure using three digital I/O pins. The Si3471 is packaged in a small 38-pin, 5 × 7-mm QFN.

The Si3474 quad Ethernet port PSE controller powers up to four 90-W 802.3bt PoE ports or up to eight 30-W 802.3at/af PoE ports, which offers designers higher flexibility for industrial and commercial Ethernet switches and security recording equipment. The device can be operated in autonomous mode with full power on each port or in hosted mode, enabling developers to manage power through an I2C interface with a full-featured register map. The Si3474 is available in a 56-pin, 8 × 8-mm package with an industry-standard pinout.

The Si34071 single-chip PD solution combines an 802.3bt interface with an integrated, high-efficiency DC/DC converter that is capable of achieving more than 90% end-to-end efficiency. The device provides high power for 5G small cells, wireless access points, and IoT gateways. A companion to the Si3471 PSE controller, the Si34071 is available in a small 32-pin, 5 × 5-mm QFN package.

Si3471 samples and production quantities are available now. Pricing starts at $1.97 in quantities of 10,000. The Si3471 evaluation board (EVB) is priced at $105.

Si3474 samples and EVBs will be available in April 2020. Pricing starts at $3.33 in quantities of 10,000. The Si3474 EVB is priced at $199.

Si34071 samples and EVBs will be available in April 2020. Pricing starts at $2.13 in quantities of 10,000. The Si34071 71-W forward converter EVB is priced at $119.

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