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Polar sponsorship makes PCB lecture free


LONDON — Polar Instruments is sponsoring the 'Stack up design with a field solver' on-line lecture presented by Dr Eric Bogatin.

This lecture would normally cost $99 for a two-day licence but Polar Instruments are pleased to sponsor this key tutorial. Polar Instruments (Guernsey, Channel Islands) are a developer of PCB design and calculation software tools including enhanced PCB transmission line design calculators and PCB stack-up wizards.

The most important step in designing a high-speed circuit board is designing the cross section geometry and this latest lecture covers the key area of why accurate calculation of characteristic impedance and wiring delay is the first and most critical step in the design of any PCB.

The on-line tutorial discusses the first and second order effects of stack up on the characteristic impedance of a PCB enabling a clear understanding of where the critical elements of the design effort should be focused.

Dr Bogatin explains to the designer how to explore the second order effects on tightly specified designs to the best advantage and then goes on to explain the advantages of accurate impedance predictions in terms of cost and time savings. In this online lecture he shows how simple to use and how powerful a commercially available 2D field solver can be.

This lecture can be viewed for free during December 2005 by logging onto Dr Eric Bogatin’s signal integrity training website and viewing lecture OLL130. Enter POLAR when requested to start viewing.

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