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Portable radar goes on trial


LONDON — BAE Systems Integrated System Technologies (Insyte) has purchased a Plextek Blighter radar for evaluation and trial purposes. The man-portable system is designed to make radar an affordable option for security systems and will be integrated with Insyte’s command and control system.

During the trials, simultaneous operation of multiple Blighter units was also successfully demonstrated, showing no mutual interference and it is now being put through a series of evaluation tests, including a coastal surveillance trial.

The Blighter 200 series was developed following market research that identified the need for a low-cost, covert, movement detection system that could be networked with other sensors including cameras and asset management systems. Plextek (Cambridge, U.K.) received a DTI grant to help fund development of the system.

Blighter uses an electronic beam-scanning antenna to simultaneously detect moving targets at ranges between 20m and 8km without physically having to rotate. Consisting of a single unit containing the integrated electronics and e-scan antennas, the entire radar with in-built GPS and compass can be carried and set up by one person.

Any external 12V or 24V power source and wireless enabled laptop or PDA can be used to operate the radar in almost any land-based location, as well as in situations where rapid re-deployment is critical. Various power saving modes allow it to ‘sleep’ between scans, extending battery life. For fixed installations, such as airfield perimeter monitoring, the radar can be networked with other radars and camera systems, providing a 24-hour automatic surveillance system.

A user-display screen indicates when movement has been detected by placing a distinct marker at the target co-ordinates superimposed on a map of the area. The radar can provide additional assistance with identification by providing the target Doppler signature as an audio output.

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