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Portwell: extremely flexible industrial monitors in 12 variants


MiTwell, a member of the Portwell group, announces the launch of a Series of Industrial Monitors, the MD series, a highly flexible and application focused range of industrial grade monitors for the industrial automation and transportation market. The Mitwell MD series is available in 12 variants with six different display sizes, formats and resolutions. The display size starts from the compact 12.1″ variant with a resolution of 1024×786 pixels and scales up to the 21,5″ variants with 1920×1080 pixels (Full-HD). At all sizes, customers can choose between resistive touch and PCAP touch version. PCAP multi-touch displays can be operated with or without gloves.

All twelve monitors are enclosed by a robust metal housing, and anti-glare screen with, 3H hardness. In addition to this, all offer IP65 protection on the front; which makes them a perfect fit for hard industrial environments. All MD monitors have high shock and vibration tolerance and depending on the version can be used at ambient temperatures of -30 to 70°C, 0 to 60°C or 0 to 50°C. Their extremely robust design ensures high product reliability and minimizes service costs. Good brightness and the option to have this extended to up to 1500 nits on every variant, with a wide view ankle allow for use in a daylight environment. For special conditions anti-fouling/fingerprint, anti-reflective and anti-spy surface options can be added on project basis.

For easy adoption to application needs, the MD series monitors offer 1x VGA and 1x DVI as standard video in. Optional changes can be made for video input signal combinations, for example, VGA+HDMI+DP or VGA+HDMI+ RS-232. This together, with the robust and reliable design makes the MD series a perfect fit for all kind of industrial applications.

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