Post amp improves on sensitivity -

Post amp improves on sensitivity


Micrel added to its family of limiting post amplifiers by introducing the SY88903ALKG, a 1.25- Gbit/s part, which features 3.3-V operation with better than 5-mV sensitivity. Designed to work at Gigabit and Fiber Channel data rates, the IC is offered in a small form factor package and is suited for optical modules and passive optical network (PON) systems.

The SY88903ALKG features high sensitivity loss-of-signal (LOS) circuitry which can reduce system cost by allowing the use of lower gain TIAs. It also offers fast LOS switching times, PECL data outputs with a TTL compatible LOS output, suitable for applications where the LOS function is in the critical timing path. The IC's LOS switching thresholds has 3-db (typical) electrical hysteresis between the LOS assert and deassert levels to eliminate chattering. It's backward compatible with Micrel’s existing post amplifier family, with minimal changes required. The part is offered in a small 3- by 3-mm footprint, 10-pin MSOP package. Volume prices start at $1.95 for 10,000 quantities. More information is available at

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