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POWER – Buck converter boosts power efficiency of set top boxes, modems

Dallas, Texas – The new AP5100 step-down converter from Diodes Inc. is being targeted at bringing space savings and efficiency improvements to set top box, modem and distributed power applications.

Provided in the compact 6-pin SOT26 package, this low cost converter features a built-in power MOSFET and internal compensation to limit external component requirements.

Operating at a fixed switching frequency of 1.4Mhz, the AP5100 also enables a reduction in the overall size of external components, particularly the inductor.

With its low series on-resistance power MOSFET switch, the converter is capable of delivering a constant current output of up to 1.2A at 90% efficiency over a wide input supply range, from 4.75V to 24V. The output is adjustable via a resistor divider, from 0.81V to 15V.

The device's current mode operation provides for a fast transient response over the full operating input voltage and temperature range. The AP5100 has an enable pin allowing it to be put into standby mode where it consumes just 0.1A.

The AP5100 is self-protected, featuring on-chip thermal shutdown and cycle-by-cycle over-current protection to help ensure long-term product reliability. The device is priced at $0.24 each in 1k quantities. To learn more, go to www.diodes.com.

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