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Power component library comes to PSpice simulator


Rochester, N.Y. — The Power IC Model Library for the venerable PSpice simulator comprises over 150 time-domain simulation models of popular power ICs and components. Each model simulates that component's switching performance under actual operating conditions, increasingly important for today's switching mode power supplies. Nonlinear characteristics like propagation delay, switching speed, drive capability, maximum duty cycle and current limits are all accurately modeled.

As today's designs demand increased functionality, switching frequency, and system interaction, state-space models can fail to reveal many important nonlinear factors that influence these performance characteristics. In contrast, the components in the Power IC Model Library let you perform high-speed, cycle-by-cycle simulations to show true large-scale performance, simulate current-mode control using the latest accurate modeling techniques, run converter simulations, generate line and load step responses, and perform power-stage loss measurements and stress analysis.

Among the models included in the library are phase-shift-, voltage-, and current-mode switching regulators; motor controllers; power factor correction devices; power MOSFET drivers; nonlinear magnetic cores; transformers; and opto-couplers. Specific popular ICs in the library include the UC384x, UC152x, HIP2100, LT124x, UC182x, UC1846, TL431, IR2110, 57xxx, UC1854, TNY256, and MIC44xx.

All of the library models are compared and verified with bench data under start-up, steady-state, line, load, and transient conditions. The models let you directly compare the performance of components from different vendors and analyze the effects of different implementations, including, but not limited to, peak current-mode control, hysteric current control, low voltage, and low operating current.

The Power IC Model Library sells for $995 and is available now. Optional maintenance fees are extra.

EMA Design Automation, Inc., , 1-585-334-6001, www.ema-eda.com

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