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Power-management IC works in concert with latest XScale processor


Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX8660, a high-efficiency power-management IC designed specifically for Intel's Monahans third-generation XScale applications processor.

The MAX8660 integrates eight high-performance and low-operating-current power supplies, an I2 C interface, and supervisory functions in a lead-free, 5- by 5- by 0.8-mm, 40-pin TQFN package. Fully compatible with the Monahans power I2 C register set, the device meets all Monahans' processor voltage thresholds and power sequencing and ramp rate requirements. This high level of device compatibility minimizes software development and time to market.

The MAX8660 features four 2-MHz high-performance, low-operating-current step-down converters with synchronous rectification. Two dc-to-dc converters are serially programmed for dynamic voltage management to power the CPU (1.6 A) and internal SRAM (400 mA). Two additional converters supply I/O (1.2 A) and DRAM (900 mA), and can achieve up to 97% efficiency. A low-noise 200-mA LDO supplies the processor's low-noise circuitry. A fourth always-on LDO supplies the Monahans' internal RTC and draws only 20 μA in deep-sleep mode.

Evaluation kits and samples are available. Preliminary data sheets can be found at www.maxim-ic.com/MAX8660.

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