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Power management simulator, a first, cuts costly silicon spins


Fremont, Calif.—MVSIM, ArchPro Design Automation, Inc.'s very first product, is also being hailed as the EDA industry's first multivoltage RTL simulator, letting you verify a chip's power management scheme before tape out. The aim, or course, is to avoid costly and time consuming revisions to silicon.

On-chip power management has grown in complexity, with designers plying techniques like multiple voltage island, power gating, and complex handshaking sequences among the silicon, software, and system electronics to reign in power consumption. Despite that complexity, there's been no effective way to verify a power management scheme before building it. Until now. MVSIM lets you verify your power management design by bringing system-level architectural decisions on voltage scaling up to an RTL representation.

MVSIM supports ARM Ltd.'s Intelligent Energy Manager technology and works with such mainstream simulators as ModelSim, NC-Sim and VCS. Moreover, it places no restrictions on how you organize the islands, allowing nested islands and domains.

MVSIM is available now. Pricing is for time-based licenses, varies by configuration, and is comparable in range to the cost of fast circuit simulators. For a more information, including a data sheet or to schedule a demo, send an e-mail to info@archpro-da.com.

ArchPro Design Automation, Inc. , 1-408-406-7950, www.archpro-da.com

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