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Power MOSFETs sit in thermally-enhanced packages


The need for smaller, thinner, faster, cooler running, and more reliable MOSFETs for portable applications is aided by On Semiconductor's μCool family of power MOSFETs. The six devices in the family are housed in small, thermally-enhanced, WDFN6 packages. The six μCool products utilize exposed-drain DFN technology for exceptional thermal resistance (38°C/W) and power ratings (1.9 W) in 42-mm footprint.

The 20-V P-channel single NTLJS3113PT1G and dual NTLJD3115PT1G are optimized for Li-Ion battery charging applications with an Rds(on) at 4.5 V of 42 and 100 mΩ, respectively. These devices are priced at $0.30 and $0.31.

The 20-V P-channel FETKy NTLJF3117PT1G (100 mΩ) converts the 3- to 4-V battery voltage into 1.1 V to power the microprocessor. This device is priced at $0.31.

The 30-V N-channel single NTLJS4159NT1G (35 mΩ) and FETKy NTLJF4156NT1G (70 mΩ) are suited for synchronous boost applications such as white LED backlight voltage. These devices cost $0.29 and $0.30.

Finally, the 30-V N-Channel dual NTLJD4116NT1G (70 mΩ) is optimized for low-side switching, such as a camera strobe and flash. This device is priced at $0.30.

All quoted prices are for lots of 10,000. For additional information, visit www.onsemi.com/tech.

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