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Power.org debuts new tools at Munich and Paris conferences


LONDON — Power.org, the open organization that develops and promotes Power Architecture technology, is demonstrating three new tools at its two-day Power Architecture Conferences which start today in Munich, Germany and on Thursday in Paris, France.

The Power.org Solutions Portal inventories and categorizes the hundreds of Power Architecture product and service offerings that are readily available from the ecosystem of companies invested in the technology platform. The portal could be used by systems architects, systems designers, hardware and software developers, chip designers and integrators as their primary resource to locate the tools, software, hardware and services.

The Power Architecture Early Tools Development Matrix is a listing of pre-silicon and systems development tools available for the Power Architecture platform.

The Power.org Target Debug Capabilities Specification defines a common set of debugging requirements for Power Architecture-based products. An extension of the Power Instruction Set Architecture, this new specification includes required and recommended debug features, functions and environments needed for single-core and multicore Power Architecture designs.

“Until now, Power Architecture implementations lacked a uniform debug interface, environment and methodology, requiring tool vendors to develop multiple software and hardware configurations for different Power processors, SoCs and cores,” said Chris Ng, chairperson for Power.org's Common Debug Interface Technical Subcommittee. “A common set of debug environments will ensure tool interoperability and reduce development costs.”

“These new tools exemplify the value of collaborative innovation by Power.org members,” added Dr. Syed Ijlal Shah, co-chair for Power.org's Technical Committee. “Both the Early Tools Development Matrix and the Target Debug Capabilities Specification will ease design and accelerate the adoption of Power Architecture technology.”

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