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POWER – Oscillating diaphragm drives SynJet cooling air flow


Nuventix introduced the newest version of its SynJet family of coolers at the LEDs2009 Conference. Heat is one of the major obstacles to reliable LED lighting systems and thermal design for light fixtures is a challenge that electronics engineers haven't faced when working on incandescent or CCFL fixtures. SynJet provides cooling air flow across a heat sink using an oscillating diaphragm inside a chamber with small jets allowing the moving air to exit. At LEDs2009, Nuventix introduced a 120-mm cooler designed for use with the LED-based Philips Fortino DownLight Module (DLM).

The Synjet Universal 120 DLM Cooler is a third the size of passive cooling alternatives and less than 60 mm high. The cooler enable 2000-lumen luminaires and offers more than 100,000 hours of operation.

Learn more about high-brightness LEDs in general, LED applications, and LED drive circuits at the EE Times LEDs and Lighting Virtual Conference. Scheduled for Oct 21, 2009, the all-day event features a keynote address entitled “The Transition to Solid State Lighting” along with a series of interactive panel discussions, virtual booths, and chat sessions with peers. An archive of the event will be available after Oct 21.

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