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Power systems operate with wired, wireless applications


The latest versions of Valere Power's Mini DC Power System expand the system's application range to include in-building and other small wireless networking sites. The system has a current level of up to 400 A, making it one of the smallest (1RU or 1.5 in. high) high-power dc power systems available. With these specs, the system can be used for wireless network applications.

The HJ version is a 2RU-high unit with power distribution that's optimized for wireless applications. The system has up to six circuit breakers or ten fuse positions for power distribution to up to ten different networking systems. One or two low-voltage disconnect connectors are available to protect batteries from becoming too empty, a condition that can shorten the battery's life. The HJ also features the company's BC controller with full telecommunications functionality including monitoring of thermal conditions and management of battery capacity and health. Controller data is accessible either via a front panel LCD or remotely via a Web-based interface.

The HK configuration is 1RU high and offers up to 300 A of current with either bulk output or up to 14 fuse-based distribution points. The system is available with either a network interface card or a thermal relay input/output controller capability. More information is available at www.valerepower.com.

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