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Power training wins award

LONDON — The Leonardo Power Quality Initiative (LPQI) has won an Leonardo da Vinci Award for quality and innovation in training professionals in the electricity sector.

LPQI was one of three Leonardo projects recognised. From a total of 4,000 Leonardo projects, 165 were nominated by the Leonardo national agencies as examples of best practice in vocational & educational training.

Leonardo da Vinci is the EU’s action programme on vocational education and training (VET), promoting transnational projects based on co-operation across the Union, with the aims of increasing mobility, fostering innovation and improving the quality of training. The programme was established in 1995 and renewed in 2000.

Set up four years ago, the LPQI has been addressing the increasing training needs of electrical professionals as a result of the emergence of new energy technologies, the liberalisation of the electricity market and the increasing environmental concerns related to energy systems.

The availability of high quality electricity supply and uninterrupted data communications are seen as a part of an essential and critical infrastructure needed to power the digital economy and strengthen Europe’s competitiveness.

LPQI is currently supported and implemented by a partnership of more than 80 academic and industrial organisations. The programme runs in 17 countries and 11 languages, and has issued over 150 educational modules, reaching well over 100,000 professionals per year, through a combination of seminars, trade fairs, e-mail marketing, direct mail and its website.

Commitment from the partners continues beyond the period of the initial Commission contract, enabling LPQI to move forward to address wider electrical topics relevant to professionals in the utilisation of power, such as the quality of supply, the rational use of energy, renewable energy systems, distributed generation and safety.

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