PowerBridge: fast and high precision timing module with pico second resolution

The NAMC-psTimer is a time measuring module in double mid size or double full size AMC design, which is used in large plants like the European XFEL (Free XRay Electron Laser) in Hamburg. The NAMC-psTimer can also be used in a stand-alone setup. Clocks and triggers are programmed, generated and distributed in a multi-star topology by a master module. All triggers within the entire timing system are synchronized with a jitter of approximately 10ps.

4 SFP outputs, 1 RJ45 output for special I/O, 1 SMA port and 3 RJ45 outputs each with 2 triggers and one precision clock as LVDS signal are on the front panel. The timing module provides up to 255 trigger event numbers and 23 programmable outputs like trigger with delay and Immediate or delayed trigger events. It can optionally be extended with an RTM to 9 additional SFP ports or 9 additional triggers. The NAMC-psTimer is available in several versions at powerBridge Computer.

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