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Powerline modem chips enhance multimedia home networking


Swindon, UK – Powerline communications chipmaker SiConnect has announced the highly integrated PLi050A and PLi050 powerline modem chips that it claims significantly reduce board space, power consumption, bill of materials and cost. The PLi050A is for high-fidelity real-time distribution of uncompressed audio, while the PLi050 targets data-centric consumer electronics applications including online gaming, IPTV distribution and in-home VoIP solutions.

Both products integrate the company's PLT050 digital transceiver with a powerline-specific AFE, and, according to the company, enable reliable self-install in-home connectivity to be embedded into consumer electronics for a total cost of significantly under $10 per endpoint. The PLi050A also integrates a pair of I2 S interfaces for real-time audio streaming.

To create a complete powerline modem solution, each chip needs a simple coupler circuit, an optional host interface PHY (Ethernet or USB), and an EEPROM. No external RAM is required. The chips use the company's POEM technology to deliver all digital modem, baseband signal and control processing functions.

The PLi050A and PLi050 are sampling now.

SiConnect Limited , +44 (0) 1793 422 300, www.siconnect.com

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