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PowerPC ‘edges’ into Nucleus software support environment


San Francisco, Calif. — Engineers designing with the PowerPC architecture can now choose Accelerated Technology's Eclipse-powered Nucleus EDGE software to build, compile, debug and deploy embedded applications.

With Nucleus EDGE software tools, PowerPC processor developers can build a wide range of applications, including wireless infrastructure, next-generation digital subscriber line access multiplexor (DSLAM), network storage, enterprise routing and switching, printing and imaging, telecom switching and customer premises equipment.

“This new environment brings our compiler, debugger, UML and real-time operating system technology for the PowerPC architecture together under the Eclipse standard platform,” said Robert Day, director of marketing at San Francisco-based Accelerated Technology, a division of Mentor Graphics. “The Nucleus EDGE environment gives PowerPC processor developers tighter tool integration, total control over the quality and stability of their applications, full control of release cycles, shorter learning curves and a common platform with desktop tools.”

The Nucleus EDGE software includes a graphical user interface (GUI) that provides tutorials and demos to guide users through the development process. The user interface (UI) allows users to interact with the GUI while the Nucleus EDGE software runs a background task, a function that is useful when debugging large applications with multiple cores.

The Nucleus EDGE environment supports PowerPC architectures provided by Freescale Semiconductor Inc., Xilinx Inc., IBM Corp. and Applied Micro Circuits Corp. Accelerated Technology added a dynamic variant support (DVS) into the compiler, enabling developers to easily add new variants of the PowerPC family.

Licenses for the complete Nucleus EDGE development suite begin at $3,000 per seat.

Accelerated Technology , 1-800-468-6853, www.acceleratedtechnology.com

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