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PowerPC host bridge fits wireless, wireline networking apps


Tundra Semiconductor's Tsi110 host bridge for the PowerPC is aimed at wireless and wireline networking applications, as well as storage and embedded computing markets. The device integrates several communications peripherals, including two 4-lane PCI-Express ports, four Gigabit Ethernet ports, and one PCI-X port. Included in the Tsi110's feature set is Gigabit Ethernet hardware acceleration, which off-loads the host processor and allows the four Gigabit Ethernet ports to run at full line rate for data-plane applications.

The device is software compatible with the company's Tsi109 and Tsi108, allowing software reuse and accelerating development cycles. The Tsi110 is a suitable companion chip for both Freescale MPC74xx and IBM PPC750xx high performance processors. The Tsi110 Host Bridge will sample late in 2006. Volume pricing is under $80. For more information, go to www.tundra.com/tsi110.

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