PragmaDev gives away ETSI SIP conformance test executables -

PragmaDev gives away ETSI SIP conformance test executables


PragmaDev Studio supports different modeling and testing technologies which are ideal to describe the interactions between generic entities. The testing technology implemented in PragmaDev Tester module is the one used by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) to publish conformance tests to its protocols.

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol for multimedia communications over Internet Protocol. SIP is a text based protocol and the standard defines the format of messages exchanged as well as the sequence of the messages. ETSI has published the conformance test cases in TTCN-3. The official test cases contain a few minor mistakes that have been corrected by PragmaDev team. The C++ code has been generated with PragmaDev Tester and compiled with GCC. The executable includes a command line interface to select and run the desired test cases. A log file is generated that indicates which test case did work or not. The interface with the System Under Test is socket based so it can basically be run on any standard computer. The test parameters are defined in a file that can

be freely edited with PragmaDev Tester. The resulting executable is free to download and to use from PragmaDev web site. This demonstrates PragmaDev commitment to support TTCN-3.

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