Pre-processing chip optimized for 3G basestations -

Pre-processing chip optimized for 3G basestations

San Jose, Calif.—Integrated Device Technology Inc. announced its second-generation pre-processing switch, the PPS Gen 2, an off-the-shelf product that addresses the interconnect and acceleration needs of 3G and beyond.

Leveraging the serial RapidIO (sRIO) interconnect standard, and offering a reduced port count together with a richer feature set, the PPS Gen 2 is optimized to support smaller DSP clusters that are commonly used in micro and pico base stations. The IDT PPS family now provides the needed scalability and flexibility to move up and down across a range of base station applications, enabling a high degree of hardware and software reuse.

The PPS Gen 2 optimally distributes data to multiple DSPs to increase performance, supporting four pre-processing blocks via three 4x ports or up to twelve 1x ports, with flexibility to connect among 4x and 1x ports. Each port can be configured for 3.125 Gbaud, 2.5 Gbaud, or 1.25 Gbaud. By comparison, the PPS Gen 1, targeted at macro base stations, supports 10 pre-processing blocks via 10 4x ports or up to 22 1x ports.

Both PPS products implement standard sRIO switching operations, with the additional ability to execute critical endpoint tasks, such as byte- and packet-level data manipulations, and other mathematical and memory management operations. This offloading of baseband processing clusters delivers higher performance while reducing cost, power consumption, and design complexity.

The PPS Gen 2 provides even more endpoint functionality than the IDT PPS Gen 1 device, including unique enhancements for supporting system bring-up and debug operations, as well as richer pre-processing operations, such as multiply/accumulate. While designed with baseband processing in mind, the PPS solutions have proven invaluable in addressing DSP cluster requirements across a range of embedded applications, including medical and military imaging, as well as compute and storage applications.

The PPS products are supported by ATCA- and MicroATCA-compatible dedicated development platforms, designed in conjunction with Texas Instruments, together with a comprehensive range of software development tools, such as GUI, API, drivers and third-party tools.

The PPS Gen 2, 80KSW0001, is available in the same RoHS 676-ball BGA 27 mm x 27 mm flip-chip package as the PPS Gen 1, providing a pin- and software-compatible migration path up and down within the PPS family. The PPS Gen 2 is also available in a RoHS 324-ball BGA 19 mm x 19 mm, reducing package size in space-constrained applications.

Pricing: $55 in 10,000-unit quantities.
Availability: Sampling.
Datasheets: N/A.

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